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Our Services

The National Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute (NDORI) offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and innovative programs and services. 

Medical Consultation

In our clinic we offer Internal Medicine and Endocrine Services with a physician or nurse practitioner. 


Medically Supervised Weight Management is a science-based full meal replacement program. Nestle's Optifast program provides a lifestyle education series, group support, accountability, and guidance from physicians and dietitians for long-term success.


DSMES is a great tool for patients who have been newly diagnosed with diabetes, are unable to meet glucose goals, developing complications, or going through life transitions. 


The DPP is an evidence-based program that has shown that weight loss and lifestyle modification can significantly reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 


For weight loss, diabetes, and other chronic diseases with a registered dietitian. Frequency based on individual needs. 

What is Metabolic Testing-1140x612-1920w.webp

RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Tests can provide a more accurate estimate of calories burned while the body is resting. 


FibroScan® is a painless way to understand your liver health. It is the latest technology to quickly and painlessly evaluate the liver.

Laboratory Scientist

NDORI's dynamic team has a combined 60+ years of experience in various types of research and in a variety of settings. 

Blood Pressure Check

NDORI is now conducting clinical trials for fatty liver disease and obesity. Help change the future by participating in a study!


Medical Education

NDORI holds both annual and periodic Continuing Medical Education events to aid in keeping our medical professionals up to date on relevant diabetes and obesity related topics, strategies, and research. 


Community Outreach

NDORI is able to offer a variety of health screenings and information to the community through educational opportunities and health fairs. 

Business Conference

It takes a village! NDORI partners with many individuals and organizations who are striving to achieve the same or similar missions. 

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