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What is Clinical Research?

Clinical Research is a way for us to understand medical conditions and the effects of new treatment methods, devices, or drugs. 

All types of people are needed for research, including individuals that have been diagnosed with a specific condition or disease, or individuals that are completely healthy. 

Studies are highly organized and must follow protocols and regulations. Volunteers are needed as millions of lives can benefit from the success of a study. 

Research at NDORI

NDORI is working to bring more clinical research to Mississippi. With diabetes, obesity, fatty liver disease, and other conditions becoming more prevalent in the state, it is important that our population, as well as minority populations are represented adequately in ongoing trials.

Currently we have trials for obesity, diabetes, and a severe form of fatty liver disease called NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis). 

See below for our enrolling studies or call us today to learn more!

Enrolling Clinical Research Studies

I'm interested in a study!

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